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Half bodies or full bodies
or both-

Note me the character(s) you want a ---- of

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Phillip how
"Captain Look! i found something!" The newest addition the the Star voyager called over the captain, holding quite a rare sight.

"what phil- uh..." The captain looked stunned, eyes widening "you've been here for... a week.... and you found that." he's eyes closed, he looked confused.

"yeah? w- why? what's wrong?" Phillip turned his head to the side

"Philip, I've been on these seas for years, and I've only seen Syrens." The captain shivered, remembering his encounters with the horny little bastards. "I've never even saw a glance of a Syronch, and you, a new recruit, found one within your first few weeks"
oh wow characters-
Also Syronch is a species i made up one day. Basically their a off breed of syrens, living deep underwater and not showing themselves.
Phillip is a cleaning boy on the Star Voyager. and found one stuck in some rocks. The thing it uses to swim on its back torn. They introduced themself as Shyra once they felt like talking
person please Jacky is right there (RP STARTER)
Nothing NSFW cause laws in the us regarding age are brutal
that's really it-
the sound of yelling was coming from an alley, inside of the ally (insert your character here) saw two men. The one facing away from (insert) was wearing a green hoodie, and had his hands around the others throat . A young girl was crying to the side, looking rather upset from something.

"the B-" The man being pinned was about to say something, but the green hooded one knocked him out before he could finish.
"maybe you should stop being such an asshole" He huffed before rushing to the girl.

Shadow Whisper, Jacky: me
Oh Shxt Timmy Has A Ref
I'll re make this later but a W.I.P Bio
edit: k new ref-

General Information

First name: Timmy
Middle name(s): none
Surname: Chein
Age: it changes depending on the drawing but the main story line he's 8-19
Date of birth: 3/3/2993
Race: Caucasian 
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Current residence: town
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Outcast

Physical Appearence

Height: 5'6
Weight: 125
Eye colour: gray
Skin colour: Pale peach
Hair colour: Blue
Hair style: Long in a ponytail
Typical clothing: Gray t-shirt and gray pants
Is seen by others as: that one kid who sits in a corner

personality: Very clingy to people he trusts, nervous wreck, very emotional 
Likes: talking on the phone, trying to repair his relationship with his twin, being surrounded by people
Dislikes: his mother, the name 'clarance', his brothers killer (although he doesn't know who it is) being alone
Fears: isolophobia (fear of being abandoned)


Illnesses: sleep-onset insomnia (he has issues falling asleep)
Allergies: latex
Sleeping habits: very little sleep
Eating habits: eats alot


Hometown: Kanoka

Childhood: Timmy's mother pressured his twin Jameson to be the best at school. While with Timmy she was more worried about the fact that half the time she would find Timmy awake watching TV in the middle of the night. Due to what Jameson called 'an easy life' he made himself a terrible to Timmy as he possibly could.
Teen years: Timmy's mother adopted a trouble kid to help with her childrens attitudes. The boy's name was Mask, he never let the family know what his face looked like. One day Mask took Timmy and Jameson to meet his friends. While there Timmy met a young girl named Clarance, she was basically an angel, and talked to Timmy the whole time he was there. Mask bringing Timmy and Jameson to his friends became much more common. One day, When timmy was 14 Clarance, Timmy, and Jameson where walking through the woods. Clarance ended up falling into a hole, Timmy tried to help her up, but Jameson shoved him into the hole with her before leaving. Clarance had a wound on her head that was bleeding. She had very thing blood that didn't vlot correctly, so she was loosing a lot of blood. By the time Timmy got them out of the hole Clarance was already gone. Mask came by soon after, and Timmy histericly explained what had happened to her. Mask never left Timmy's side, or let Jameson hear the end of not helping his brother again.
Adult years: Timmy is a scared wreck, Mask had joined a gang because he had no where else to go. Timmy, who was 19 was brought along like always, being very nervous as the memories of what had happened when he was 15. He didn't get close to anyone in the gang. One day his brother had to leave to help one of the members. The leader of the gang told him after hours of waiting that Mask was killed in a shooting. Timmy rushed home sobbing, and told his mother what had happened. Jameson heard what had happened and started screaming at the mother. Timmy heard him scream if she payed attention to more than just timmy that he would be alive. Timmy finally realized that his mother had driven the division between him and his brother, and felt hatred boil inside of him.

Briefly explain life story: Had a brother that hated him suddenly Sibling! oh wow Clarance you are an angel, oh god she's dead. Why a gang bro why- OH GOD HE'S DEAD.


Parents: Angel Chein (Mother) Micheal chein (Father)
Siblings: Jameson (twin, brother) Mask (dead adopted sibling) 
Any enemies (and why): (open)
Children: none
Friends: (open) none
Best friend(s): (open) none
Important friends/relatives (explain):
Love interest (if there is one): joke wise lusty. Seriously wise none until i decide otherwise
so you want what they look like AND their names go to my Tumblr or Google +

but anyway
So I'm planning on making an interactive story, and these are the main characters
but uh, I don't know what to call it?
Basically it's just -- and her brother --, the gods of positivity and negativity that live by a large lake.
They find --, the daughter of the god of the sea. her friend --, the child of a random catfish god passed out by the lake.
-- and -- trying to help them home. Whilst learning more about themselves in the process.

could someone help me with a name for the DA of it?


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Hi, i guess? um
wow this is really awkward uh...

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randomdrawer1010 is 29126% sin.

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